Quality control

Quality control at ZytoService includes master data entry, incoming goods inspection and final inspection. These processes are GMP-compliant according to the specifications of the internal quality management system. Our principle is to produce and deliver products of the highest quality.

Testing starting materials

For production, we exclusively use finished medicinal products approved in Germany. Our careful incoming goods inspection also protects against counterfeit drugs. Only after they pass the test do we release the products for production.

Our mission is to guarantee continuously high quality.


We always ensure the complete traceability of all our raw materials and production-related processes. All relevant information, from delivery and production to releasing the patient-specific infusion solution, can be reliably traced at any time. Our suppliers are also checked as part of the manufacturer and supplier qualification process.

Final inspection

All finished infusions are checked again for visible contamination of the solution and integrity of the bag and outer packaging.


The correct production documentation must also be flawless, and important process parameters must be checked for compliance with specifications. Drug approval is only granted if the head of production approves the correct production documentation. The head of quality control confirms the quality of the raw materials and the end product, while the Qualified Person is the highest authority responsible for the releasing all infusion solutions/preparation.