An overview of our benefits

Our employees are the foundation of our success. We show our appreciation with our "My Bonus" benefit programme, events and various other activities. Varies depending on location.

Workplace health management

  • Bicycle hire through the employer
  • Regular health days
  • In-house physiotherapy and massage
  • Company sport
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Qualification and development

Our employees' expertise is a valuable asset. We value the individual development of each employee's abilities. We offer:

  • Induction into our in-house training academy: regular training, advanced training and continuing education, both internal and external
  • The chance to qualify as an indication pharmacist or as an oncological PTA at the Hamburg site
  • Internal idea management and rewards for suggestions for improvement
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Special financial services

  • Benefits Pass - an employer-financed prepaid shopping card
  • Subsidies for company pension
  • Subsidies for capital-forming benefits
  • and much more
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Well-being and togetherness

Respectful and trusting interaction requires our employees to feel comfortable with us. Our bright and friendly workplaces offer a pleasant atmosphere. Every day we serve coffee, water and fresh fruit, and we also reinforce our cohesion with summer festivals, Christmas parties and team events.

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