Sandra, you have been working at ZytoService since 2010. Tell us about your work since then.

I initially worked for 7 years in the production of cytostatic drugs, which I enjoyed a lot. In 2017, I got the opportunity to familiarise myself with a new area of the company and moved there. Since then, I have been working in pharmaceutical consulting.

Pharmaceutical consulting - what is it all about?

Pharmaceutical consultation involves receiving the medical requirements from the pharmacies that are later used to produce the infusion solutions. Our department is divided into two main areas. On the one hand, the input and initial control of the requirements and on the other hand, the plausibility check by a pharmacist. We are all in close telephone contact with our customers to clarify any queries or provide pharmaceutical support.

You are responsible for the initial inspection and input. To what extent does your training as a pharmaceutical technical assistant help you?

My pharmaceutical training provides me with an excellent foundation. But our team does not just consist of PtAs, we also have PsAs, BtAs, CtAs and biologists. In addition to a scientific background, internal training and oncological lectures ensure that we continue expanding our specialisation.