Quality assurance

Quality Assurance is an independent department responsible for the ZytoService quality management system (QM system).

Their responsibilities include

  • Design and supervision of areas relevant to GMP
  • Specification of quality requirements for production and quality control
  • Creation and monitoring of QM system
  • Risk management for all manufacturing and testing processes
  • Daily microbiological examination and evaluation of the production process, the production rooms and the employees
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Continuous process optimisation is crucial.

Testing and process validation

Qualification and competence development

We carry out regular tests and process validations to ensure we continuously improve production quality. This includes qualitative and quantitative tests as well as purity tests, which are carried out as part of stability tests and continuous process verification.

Employees receive regular training at the ZytoService Academy in order to maintain their qualifications and develop their expertise to the highest level. Continuing education courses are designed and supervised by Quality Assurance according to the requirements of the QM system.