Pharmaceutical production

Individual infusion solutions of the highest quality.

Pharmaceutical Production

ZytoService is Germany's leading manufacturer of patient-specific parenteral infusion solutions.

At all of our locations, we use the entire spectrum of all finished medicinal products approved in Germany to produce parenteral infusion therapies for oncological and immunological patients.

Patient safety is our top priority. As an independent pharmaceutical manufacturer, we possess a manufacturing license according to § 13 AMG. All infusion solutions are manufactured under sterile conditions according to EU-GMP guidelines ("Good Manufacturing Practice") in modern clean room laboratories. This ensures that production processes and the production environment maintain the highest possible quality.

State-of-the-art clean room laboratories

Pharmaceutical production according to §13 AMG

Highest production quality

Highly qualified laboratory staff

Cytostatic drugs as parenteral infusions for the treatment of oncological diseases.

Our products are cytostatic preparations in the form of parenteral infusion solutions. The production of cytostatic drugs is tailored to the needs of each individual patient and is carried out with the maximum care and caution. Experienced pharmacists check for plausibility and also take care of the final inspection. Our highly qualified staff is available 24/7 to advise our customers on all questions relating to dosage, shelf life, storage, side effects and interaction. We maintain conscientious documentation of the patient's development so that therapy adjustments and optimisation can be carried out rapidly.

Cytostatic drugs are used to treat oncological diseases. Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer are usually treated with infusions specially prepared for them, such as chemotherapy.

This is how an infusion is created at ZytoService

Simplified representation of the production process.