Yasmin, you work as a technical supervisor in the production of cytostatic medication. Tell us about your development at ZytoService.

I have been with the company since 2013. After intensive training in the ZytoService Academy, I began working as a laboratory assistant. In this role, I was responsible for providing the raw materials and materials needed to manufacture the infusion solutions. After thorough preparation, I moved to the workbench and began producing the patient-specific infusion solutions/preparations myself. I went on to become a trainer for our laboratory staff and in 2017, I had the opportunity to assume technical responsibility for the team.

What exactly does technical responsibility mean?

Technical responsibility means that we, as technical supervisors, coordinate the daily operational processes in our teams. However, it is also important to provide technical team leadership by acting as a point of contact, providing information to the teams, training employees and passing on our technical skills to our colleagues.

You are also involved in training employees for aseptic production. How exactly does the training for a production position work?

As the technical supervisors, we, along with our experienced mentors and trainers, supervise the induction of the new colleagues. We start with the Enricher position and later move on to Manufacturer.

We attach great importance to good induction training with permanent points of contact, a well-developed induction plan and a corresponding feedback culture. Everyone should feel comfortable in our team right from the start.

What is your tip for applicants? What do you need for production?

Of course, it is ideal if you have a scientific background. The most important thing, however, is a high level of interest in pharmaceuticals. In the laboratory, dexterity, fine motor skills and concentration are a prerequisite. As trainers, we teach you all other skills you need.