Karam, you have been working for us in shipping since 2010. What do you and your team have to pay special attention to?

Concentration plays an important role for us. Everyone in the team has to be able to rely 100% on the others, even when the workload is high. We are responsible for shipping the finished infusion solutions, so we must pay particular attention to the correct interim storage and shipping coordination. We ensure that the infusion is delivered punctually and safely.

How would you describe the working atmosphere in your team?

We have blind trust for one another. The team coordinates its tasks well and it is fun to work together. Although we work very hard, we also find the time to have a laugh.

What makes ZytoService stand out as an employer?

I personally appreciate ZytoService for being a very sociable and fair employer. There is always an open door to discuss work issues, as well as personal matters.

I also find that the special services offered to me are great. From a Christmas bonus, to subsidising the HVV travel card, to the Benefits Pass, which I can use to fill up my fuel, go shopping or eat out. And the company parties, such as the summer party and Christmas party, are also legendary.