Seedy, you've been with us since 2016 in the lab cleaning department. What exactly does your job involve and what makes it special?

My team and I clean every surface and every single object in the clean room laboratory. Whether workbench, chair or pen – we make sure that the whole laboratory is germ-free. The special thing about my work is certainly the working environment. Specific hygiene regulations apply in the cleanroom laboratory, which is why we wear special sterile clothing during cleaning, for example.

What else needs to be considered in the clean room laboratory?

To ensure that no germs enter the laboratory, we pass through several infiltration stations, where we gradually put on our sterile clothing. Once in the laboratory, it is important not to make any frantic movements.

Do I need a certain educational background?

No, those who like to work extremely carefully and well concentrated are in the right place. Both during the induction phase and after, you will be trained and educated in cleanroom work.