Lothar, how should an outsider imagine Pharmaceutical IT?

In Pharmaceutical IT, we work on an interdisciplinary basis to ensure that our manufacturing systems not only function IT-wise, but also deliver the required pharmaceutical quality. Typical topics include validating new or modified computer systems, developing in-house software and other technical solutions, supporting our colleagues and eliminating technical malfunctions. The work therefore carries a high level of responsibility with regard to safe patient care and is always embedded in compliance with the regulatory provisions for "good manufacturing practice". We also offer career changers from other IT areas the opportunity to familiarise themselves with pharmaceutical issues.

How do you differ from other areas of IT and what do you want to achieve as a team?

We are an innovative department with short communication and decision paths that combine pharmaceutical and IT issues. We are in close contact with management and all other departments and contribute to the continuous optimisation of workflows. We are able to design solutions independently and put them into practice ourselves. We analyse, question and are always open in our quest for the best solution. There's never a dull day for us and we want to advance the whole company as a team. Team players who also want to work independently are at home with us.

You are one of our division managers– what is different about leadership at ZytoService?

We maintain an open and constructive relationship with each other, everyone is allowed and encouraged to contribute their ideas and work on a joint solution. At the same time, we are decisive when it comes to speedy implementation. It is important to us that we treat each other with respect and can rely on each other. In doing so, we shouldn't neglect the fun of our work.