Lena, what's the first thing you look out for on an application?

The most important thing about an application is a well-structured CV that gives me the opportunity to quickly gain a comprehensive impression of the candidates' qualifications, experience and personality. The cover letter shows me how much a candidate (m/f/d) has dealt with our company and the position. Certificates relevant to the role help to complete the overall picture of the candidate (m/f/d).

You're saying that the CV is the most important thing. What should I keep in mind when creating my CV?

Your CV should be meaningful and structured. Chronological order with month and year (current job at the top) helps to quickly grasp the individual positions. The tasks associated with the job should always be listed with key points in the CV – not in the cover letter.

A nice layout emphasises a good impression from the CV. Here is a little tip: Pinterest and Mircrosoft Word have great templates.

How do I behave correctly in an interview?

Basically, authenticity is the be-all and end-all in an interview. It is important to think in advance about what experiences and strengths may be beneficial to your potential new employer. You should therefore know your CV inside out so that you can react authentically and reflectively to questions in the interview. Again, a little tip: A welcoming handshake reveals a lot about your personality.

What is the dress code?

First and foremost, it is important that you feel comfortable in your outfit, because ultimately, the qualification and personality of an applicant (m/f/d) are what matters. But you should definitely avoid a tracksuit or party outfit.

How can I score points in the interview?

A well-prepared candidate (m/f/d) leaves a very good impression. You should have familiarised yourself with the work involved in the position and the company in order to substantiate your motivation and enthusiasm for the job. Of course, the interview also serves to clarify any questions the applicant (m/f/d) may have. Hence my recommendation: Gather your questions in advance. A note or cheat sheet is completely ok.