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You can rely on us. Parenteral infusions from Germany’s leading manufacturer

“There’s a personal story behind every infusion. I’m so glad that I can help provide care for these seriously ill people.” Temel, Dispatch

This sentence perfectly summarises the feeling of everyone who works at ZytoService Deutschland: seriously ill patients need the best care available – and you need a reliable partner to make this possible. As Germany's leading producer of patient-specific parenteral infusions, we are available to pharmacists, doctors and patients 365 days a year and offer you, our customers, the entire spectrum of oncological drugs, antibiotics, other parenterals, pumps and aids licensed in Germany – wholly in keeping with your individual specifications.

As an independent pharmaceutical manufacturer with a manufacturing authorisation issued in compliance with § 13 AMG (German Medicines Law), ZytoService produces patient-specific parenteral infusion fluids for pharmacists at the individual request of the patient’s attending physician. All infusion fluids are made solely from finished products licensed in Germany; they are prepared in sterile conditions in ultra-modern cleanroom laboratories in compliance with the EU’s GMP guidelines and delivered anywhere in Germany the following day.

You see: we can help you with our extensive experience, exceptional competence and a great sense of responsibility. You can rely on us.

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