ZytoService Deutschland GmbH Düsseldorf

Reliable and safe patient care.

Located in central Haan, ZytoService Düsseldorf is located was founded in 2006 and has been part of ZytoService Deutschland GmbH since 2018. Around 50 employees currently work on this site.

Our bright, modern laboratories and offices provide the backdrop for meeting our top priorities of achieving the highest quality according to GMP guidelines and taking great care in the preparation of our patient-specific parenteral infusions. We pride ourselves on having qualified, competent and friendly employees across all our sites.

ZytoService Düsseldorf is located in the centre of the largest European metropolitan area, Rhine-Ruhr, right at the gateway to Dusseldorf.

Axel Dembour

Managing director

Schallbruch 5
42781 Haan

T +49 212 937 945 0


How to find us

By bus and train:

  • Busses 01 / 742 / 784
  • Stop Haan Thienhaus

By car:

  • Motorway A46
  • Slip road 30-Haan-Ost to be directed towards Haan-Ost/Vohwinkel Solingen
  • Follow L357
  • Elberfelder Str./B228 to Schallbruch