Our philosophy

We support our customers by supplying the highest quality products to guarantee the best possible medical care. As experienced, reliable service providers, we work in close collaboration with hospitals, outpatient clinics, doctor’s offices, nursing care facilities and pharmacists to ensure their patients, who are often seriously ill, receive optimum treatment.

The highest standards of quality and safety, professional expertise, flexibility, strict adherence to delivery schedules and reliability are important to you – and a matter of course for us. Our infusion fluids are prepared in specially constructed sterile laboratories that meet the criteria for the highest cleanroom class; we also apply the most stringent quality standards. These are based on the GMP (”Good Manufacturing Practice”) specifications issued by the European Commission for manufacturing medicines.

ZytoService is your contact for all pharmaceutical matters relating to oncological treatment for inpatients and outpatients.

Central Office

+49 6000 94 000